1. My Classmates
    20 Nov, 2015
    My Classmates
    I had a wonderful opportunity to learn shoe pattern making. But beyond that, I had a great time with my classmates. We were from all over the world: USA, Canada, India, Italy, UK, Japan, China, Mexico, Malaysia, and Morocco. The diversity is one of the great feature of Ars Sutoria School. I was the oldest in my class, and I was like a grandpa to them, but they accepted me so that I felt like 20s while I was there. I
  2. First Place!
    20 Nov, 2015
    First Place!
    I got the first place for "Gea cammina con la natural" sneaker competition! Amazing feeling, and again, I cried. lol. The competition sponser GEA GOMMA is a prestigious company famous about rubber crape sole. They selected mine as a winner. That is incredible!
  3. Second Prototype "Sequence II"
    16 Nov, 2015
    Second Prototype "Sequence II"
    I was allow to make second prototype for an in-class design competition. I put all my research and design concepts. I am pretty happy with the outcome. I thank Georg, the teacher got my design direction and gave me specific advice, and Adriana, who sewed my shoes. It was a great pleasure to see my shoe is stitched. I explained Adriana that I put extra 10mm for the outside of the flap because of the thickness. It was right, and she understood why I did that. That kind of consideration comes from
  4. Second Prototype "Sequence II"
    16 Nov, 2015
    Second Prototype "Sequence II"
    I was allowed to make the second prototype because I was the final five for in-class design competition. This sneaker is all about my shoe design. I put so many inspiration and concept, digested them and expressed. The velcro flap make the foot get into easily, and the quilted multi-color patent leather is very eye-catchy. While making pattern, I found out it should be asymmetric pattern, so I had to make outside and inside pattern separately. Great thanks Georg, who got my design aspect and
  5. The Stitcher Adriana
    13 Nov, 2015
    The Stitcher Adriana
    I truly appreciate Adriana, our sti While she was sewing, the sound of sewing machine reminded my last three years. I sew day and night, alone in my room. I was overwhelmed because I was so grateful to see people talked about my design and how to make it better. I could not stop crying while she was sewing.
  6. Prototype "Sequence I"
    12 Nov, 2015
    Prototype "Sequence I"
    My First Prototype at Ars Sutoria School! It was amazing feeling to see someone not me is making my shoe!! Click Here for video I challenged myself to design a sneaker, because I've never made it. The sequins has multiple color and looks great!!
  7. Visited a shoe factory
    11 Nov, 2015
    Visited a shoe factory
    We visited a family owned shoe factory today. The building looks like a house in a residential area, but there are machineries that needs to make beautiful shoes. It was the first time to see the laser cut machine. The leather is cut automatically, without struggling! The process is quite simple and very well organized. Our teacher Georg used to work in this factory for five years, so many workers came to him and said hello. It was very pleasant environment because the workers seems very nice.
  8. BELLISSIMA l'Italia dell'a moda 1945 - 1968
    07 Nov, 2015
    BELLISSIMA l'Italia dell'a moda 1945 - 1968
    I visited Monza, northern small town from Milan. The reason was this fashion exhibition "BELLISSIMA l'Italia dell'a moda 1945 - 1968." This exhibition is held in Monza Villa Reale, a beautiful palace. When reached the palace, opera music and fountain welcomed me. The setting was perfect, and the dresses in the exhibition were beautifully set in the palace. The park was filled with autumn trees and sky was clear as ocean. It was just beautiful place for one day trip from Milan!
  9. Visited a Leather Tannery
    02 Nov, 2015
    Visited a Leather Tannery
    My first time visiting to a leather tannery called CONCERIA GAIERA GIOVANNI I've heard that the tannery is smelly, but this tannery did not because they make leathers from so-called "wet blue" which is already dehired and cleaned out the flesh, soaked in chemical liquid. This is the place where creates various colors and surface effects.
  10. LA SCALA
    27 Oct, 2015
    I had this Closing Expo Special Concert with Cecilia Bartoli at La Scala with my friend from New York. BUT!! when we arrived at the theater, we found the concert was canceled because she has a cold. The notice said that there is a orchestra concert tonight without Cecilia, and the ticket is full-refund. The baroque music was sleepy, but the theater was beautiful, the audience dressed beautifully, and the entire concert was nice and pleasant. The musicians played their instruments not seated but
    25 Oct, 2015
    While I was doing my laundry, I found Armani Silos! I thought it is at Manzoni, so you can guess how much I was surprised to find this place. It is new museum exhibiting Armani dresses. The 3 floors are filled with gorgeous dresses (and gorgeous model-like male staff). I've never seen couture level of Armani. I found out they are very intricate and complicate using simplicity of lines. Just beautiful dresses. Thanks to be in Milan!!
  12. Moccasins - Hand sewing
    23 Oct, 2015
    Moccasins - Hand sewing
    We made moccasins pattern and actually sewed by hand. Easy and difficult at the same time, but everyone in the class loved their result. So as I :D
  13. Trend Researching - Brera
    18 Oct, 2015
    Trend Researching - Brera
    Window shopping in Milan is one of my favorite thing. There are many shoe stores in Milan, and they put their best on the windows.  I found this multi-color velvet boots and could not move from there for a while.
  14. Lake Como - Bellagio
    18 Oct, 2015
    Lake Como - Bellagio
    My spouse is visiting from New York and we had a weekend trip to Lake Como. It was a beautiful location. The water is so clean, so that we could see fish swimming. The air was a bit chilly already, but refreshing. We stayed at a hotel in Bellagio and found out that the hotel was going to close this sunday for off season. Since it was not over crowded, we had a nice relax time.
    14 Oct, 2015
    I visited the gallery in 10 Corso Como to see the collaboration of Carmina Campus and Vibram. Her bags and accessories are designed with the parts of colorful vibram outsole. She used the pieces of cut outs, looks like Lego, to make a distinctive accent. Some bags are decollated with the residue of outsole, wakame-like straps of lubbers. It was interesting to see such a collaboration to create new design.
  16. Visiting Formificio Romagnolo, The Shoe Last Factory
    14 Oct, 2015
    Visiting Formificio Romagnolo, The Shoe Last Factory
    We visited a last factory. It is a famous one, so that we saw many famous names written on the lasts.  It was fascinating to see how the last is made. First wood curved by hand then scanned to machine. All the grading information are in the computer and automatically made different sizes. Pointed toe is trend this season, but seems like it will continue to next season. I also saw some round toe, and they are really round.
  17. Trend Researching - Excelsior
    11 Oct, 2015
    Trend Researching - Excelsior
    Excelsior Milano is another place to research current trend.
  18. Sneaker Sketch Competition
    09 Oct, 2015
    Sneaker Sketch Competition
    Good news! I am selected the final five on sneaker sketch competition!  The final five are allow to make the second prototype.
    04 Oct, 2015
    I visited Venezia for Halloween. I saw some kids were running for trick and treat. Some window displays were Venetian style of Halloween. This was my first visit to Venezia. Same as Florence, this is filled with tourist all the time. I prefer walked quiet residential area, and I found a corner bar/cafe. I got a "ton no olive"sandwich, which was filled with "tuna and black olive." It was amazing! I went there twice, and both time who I saw in there were local people. I felt like I found a gem.